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Each client and the user's Internet service company BAREL force current Privacy Policy.

Any changes do not affect the basic principle: did not sell and does not provide personal information to third parties.

Personal Data

During the use of the Internet service companies can be BAREL asked to give some of their personal data by completing a form or in any other way. The data on which you will be asked, is usually name and e-mail. We require only the data that are necessary to corporate business.

Orders products

Orders products BAREL offered by the administration requires the appropriate Form a fuller listing, and a tax ID. Mandatory fields are marked.


Newsletter is designed for people interested in occasional receiving information about changes to the Internet service BAREL, about promotions or professional news. The form is used to declare e-mail address to which you can send your newsletter - also offering the right to resign from this free service.

Unannounced News

BAREL reserves the right to send unannounced news people whose contact details and which has agreed to Policies Privacy.

Under the concept of unannounced news understand information relating directly to our production and service activities (for example, offers, changes, promotions), and non-commercial of mail (for example, wishes, comments personal, etc.)

BAREL reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Any comments on this topic can be sent to the following address: