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"BAREL"- Romuald Bartkowicz


Owner: Romuald Bartkowicz
Since: 1983
Address: 00-189 WARSZAWA, Inflancka 19/299, POLAND
Mobile: +48 601 223799
E-mail: office@barel.info
Bank: PKO BP SA, O/2 w Pruszkowie, bank account: 08 1020 1055 0000 9802 0130 3692

Description of the business: We design, manufacture and sell electronic equipment, in the field of automation and control and measurement. We've also been importing and distributing a device other producers: we temperature regulators and variable voltage stabilizers ( even high power ), and also (to order) imports from China of equipment from other industries.

The company BAREL is known throughout the country, also due to the presence at the fair. Many years of experience and constructive comments customers helped in the presentation of the product range of good quality and low price.

Recently, customers are increasingly interested in is offered by our imported one or three phase voltage stabilizers.

The company BAREL is also known with a flexible approach to unusual order's.

Examples of products offered:
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  • microprocessor, universal temperature regulators
  • pulsed power regulators for heat technology
  • AC voltage stabilizers